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Hotel New Gitanjali

Hotel New Gitanjali, new Digha is a posh, chic, boutique leisure resort property nestled and castled right on the sea beach at new Digha... and we have thrown our doors open to all from 1st Oct 2021.
We have delved deep into all the aspects and nuances of our esteemed guests and have carefully chiseled out a 'One Stop Shop' Hotel unit here at Digha.
A perfect confluence of sun, sea, and sand.. which would adequately and holistically take care of all the requirements of our elite and esteemed guests- tourists, corporates, fits, groups and so on and so forth... and it is a matter of utmost price, privilege & prestige for all of us to be able to do the fullest justice to the prover 'service before self' by offering classy, friendly, trendy and cordial service to our guests on a 24*7 basis... which is one of our hallmark strengths.

Our Milestones

We have been hosting tourists since 1981 and have serviced several generations of business and leisure travellers that visit Kolkata. The property is close to Kolkata's well-known wholesale and retail markets.









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